Welcome to KT Aboriginal Fine Art

We’re an Aboriginal family-owned and operated art business, our art can be found all over.

KT Aboriginal Fine Art is owned and operated by the family of five Trevor, Kelilah, Kelly & T'keyah, while Trevor helps behind the scenes this allows partner Kelly & daughters Kelilah & T'keyah to focus on creating their new collection of products with their unique ancient & contemporary art and designs.

The family’s mission has always been to share their art and culture with the world through storytelling.

And it all started from humble beginnings when Kelly & her young daughter T'keyah first began sharing their artwork through Facebook. Back then it was just a hobby seen by a few close friends and family.

Yet as more and more people recognised their talent, their following grew and so did they and their desire to share more of their art with the world.

In 2019 the family opened a Facebook page that has gathered over 25,000 loyal fans and interested followers and partnered with the Royal Flying Doctor Service to unveil their latest artwork titled 'Journey Line', which was featured on the Royal Flying Doctors Uniforms.

As the years went on the family had the support and the fans to expand their business and start sharing their art with the rest of the world, even internationally.

KT Aboriginal Fine Art can now proudly ship all over the world and is partnering with more organisations than ever.

Recognition thier Proud Of

Countless Australian awards have recognised the good their doing and the beauty their spreading.

Kelilah's artwork, Family Day Out took home the Abstract Bluethumb 2020 Art Prize.

T’keyah received a highly commended in the Our Young Mob Award for her piece, My Mother's Country.

The National Indigenous Times explored how the family enjoys painting and following in their late grandmother's footsteps. Now, they see art as a way to express themselves and continue her legacy.

Their efforts have been rewarded and the family-run business is proud to have been praised in Vogue Living as “producing exquisite First Nation art steeped in history…sharing their heritage with the world”.

Kelly & T'keyah was also honoured to design the Royal Flying Doctor Service's uniforms, unveiled during NAIDOC week.

Together, the family has created truly incredible Indigenous art and received widespread recognition. Now, they're proud to share their artwork that’s so close to their hearts with all of you.
Kelly and her three daughters partnered with Disney to celebrate Christmas. Their art and painting skills helped teach people all around Australia how to better enjoy the festive season.

The family also recently partnered with Sane Australia to raise awareness for complex mental health issues.
The organisation supports Australians suffering from mental health problems and raises awareness about their struggle – something we’re honoured to share our voices on

We’re always grateful for the chance to give back to the community and use our traditional artwork as a platform for change.

KT Aboriginal Fine Art is a family of local Indigenous artists, always ready to share their art and culture with the world.

Kelly and her daughters T’keyah, and Kelilah work together at home to create some truly incredible Aboriginal art.
The family's goal is to one day own their own KTAFA Art Gallery. But in the meantime, they love creating and sharing their artwork with all of you online. Be sure to browse their art collection or collaborate directly with a KT artist through their commission page.

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